Monday, May 01, 2006

1986 Honda VF1000R Motorcycle FOR SALE

Stunning 1986 Honda VF1000R - $4500

Enthusiasts and collectors, here is your chance to own a piece of motorcycling history. This bike was built for racing homologation purposes and was only sold for two years - 1985 and 1986. This bike is based upon the Honda "works" bike that racing legends such as "Fast" Freddie Spencer, Mike Baldwin, and Steve Wise raced to great success in the 1980's. Similarly, this was the production version of the bike that Isle of Man legend Joey Dunlop made famous in his TT victories as captured in the film "V-Four Victory."

It was the first V4 engine to feature the gear-driven cams that would thereafter become a trademark of the V4 Hondas (at least until 2002 anyhow). These engines make a tremendous growl and the whirring of those gear-driven cams is nothing short of melodic. In stock form, they put out 120 hp and 64 ft/lbs. of torque at 8000 rpm and are good for speeds in excess of 150 mph. Being a V4, these engines have tremendous midrange and are not "peaky" or "buzzy" as many inline 4 engines are. The VF1000R also features original factory quick release "Comstar" racing wheels, floating dual front discs, single rear disc, a 5 speed transmission, chain drive, sport-style dual tailight, and genuine fiberglass (not plastic) fairings. Suspension-wise it has air assisted anti-dive TRAC forks with a multitude of adjustments, as well as a very easily adjustable rear monoshock. Being a 1986, the more desireable of the two years, this bike also has the Euro-style dual headlight, a gold colored top triple clamp, and a slightly better paint scheme (which is of course, subjective).

This particular VF1000R is an extremely nice specimen. As you can see from the photos, the fairings and body work are in truly excellent condition. This is original factory finish - not a cheap repaint and set of decals. This bike is as clean as can be. Look closely at the photos and you can see how nice and clean everything on this bike really is, from the engine and frame, to the new looking wheels and bodywork. Even the fasteners are nice.

Also of particular note, this bike has been fitted with an ultra-rare and extremely desireable (and no longer available) 4 into 1 "Holeshot" exhaust made by Hindle and sold by Dale Walker. The bike has been rejetted to match the exhaust and also has a K&N high flow air filter. The bike runs fantastically and sounds absolutely wicked (without being obnoxiously loud either). The original exhaust is available and is in excellent condition; however, it is not included in the sale price (though I am willing to sell it at an additional cost).

The chain and sprockets were recently replaced (a quality DID replacement chain was installed), with the rear sprocket being increased in size by two teeth for improved acceleration. The tires are Dunlop GT501's and are literally brand new (you can still see the tits in the pictures if you look closely). Fork seals are also brand new, as are the brake pads on both front calipers. Within the last month, both the fork seals and the brake pads were replaced using genuine Honda parts, rather than some cheap aftermarket ones. This was done because one of the fork seals had begun to weep a bit and some of the oil had made its way onto one set of brake pads. The fuel petcock was also replaced with a genuine Honda replacement when it began to leak in the "off" and "reserve" positions. The battery in this bike is brand new and is the correct model for this bike (it is a unique and rather expensive battery that most places do not carry or are even familiar with). The oil as also just been changed. I have the original owners manual, as well as the complete factory toolkit (often missing on these bikes) which go with the bike.

Seeing as this bike is now 20 years old, there are some minor imperfections. They are, however, extremely minor. There is a small scuff/scrape on the right side of the upper fairing in the blue section near the beginning edge. This resulted from the bike partially falling over in the previous owner's garage. It's quite small, but it is there. I was able to cover a portion of it with the HRC decal (which are a nice fit for the bike I think) and it is barely noticeable at all unless you are looking for it. I have included pictures so that you can see it for yourself (including one picture before the HRC decal was applied). There is also a very small crack on the rear seat cowl near the front edge that is about the length of your thumbnail. It was there when I got the bike and has never gotten any larger. Additionally, there is a small corner of the windshield near the bottom right mounting bolt is cracked. It has been like this ever since I have owned the bike and is extremely small and unnoticeable; however, I want to disclose everything so there are no surprises or disappointments. There are multiple pictures of both the seat cowl and windshield cracks so that you may see for yourself just how minor these really are. Finally, the right rear turn signal has some small scuffs on the backside of the housing (facing the front of the bike) which appear to be from a passenger's boot. This is really nitpicking, and it can easily be replaced if you want for $15 or so, but again, I want to err on the side of full disclosure.

Notwithstanding these few minor imperfections, this is an extremely nice example of a very rare and collectible motorcycle. The bright Honda racing paint scheme and vintage looks always draw admiring comments and looks. This bike WILL turn heads when you ride it and with its fantastic 1000cc V4 engine (and the significant aftermarket upgrades) it's no slouch in the performance department either. Be sure to check out the additional photos by following the link to the photoalbum.

PRICE: $4500

ENGINE: 1000cc liquid-cooled, gear-driven 16 valve V4


DRIVE: Chain

MILEAGE: 21,574

TITLE: Clear

LOCATION: Cleveland, Ohio

CONTACT: (216) 338-2554, email: